Mozilla Firefox gets SSL error after a while

Hi there,

When using Mozilla Firefox, doing a google search works fine when I first open up the browser, but after visiting some sites and either attempting to go to google to do a search, or entering a search term in the top right box I get an SSL error like so - “secure connection failed. An error occurred during a connection to SSL received a record that exceeeded the maximum permissible length. (Error code: ssl_error_rx_record_too_long)”

The way around this is to close and reopen my browser, however this is frustrating when it happens multiple times. Why is it occurring in the first place? When it occurs I can still navigate to non-SSL websites, however when going to google I get the SSL error.

Have you gotten all the SSL updates?? there were some bugs uncovered recently and maybe it is you are using an older version and the sites don’t like it.

I have not seen or heard about this problem before so you appear to be unique…

Also you did not mention OS or FireFox versions???

I am running OpenSUSE 13.2 with Mozilla Firefox version 36.0.4. I have applied all my updates using sudo zypper patch and I have this problem. I’ve had it before installing my updates too.

Ok how do you get to the Internet??

I get to the internet through my home ADSL2+ wireless broadband router. Mozilla Firefox works fine on Windows, and my internet connectivity is good under openSUSE. It seems to be a problem with Firefox at the Application layer. Should I try uninstalling and reinstalling firefox?

That seldom works

Maybe reset the configs in ~/.mozilla

as i recall ff 37 went to https everywhere by default
and changed the ssl to forbid the “false start”

I resolved this issue by doing the following in Mozilla Firefox:

Clicking Help -> Troubleshooting information; and then clicking “refresh firefox”

This reset the configuration for Mozilla Firefox. I don’t know how it screwed up in the first place to stop displaying SSL websites after a while, but that fixed it.

This didn’t actually solve the problem, I just had it occur again. It lasted a few hours this time since its last occurrence. Any ideas what to try next?

I wonder if you are impacted by the following perhaps?

Why are you using Firefox 36.0.4?

The only update you haven’t installed is Firefox. :?

The current release is 37.0.2, and should be in the openSUSE Update repository.

It could be the updates released with Firefox 37.0 might resolve your issue. I can’t say for certain, but you can have a look at Firefox — Notes (37.0) — Mozilla