10th most visited site by unique visitors

Top 1000 sites - DoubleClick Ad Planner

and 2nd most visited no-ad site (after wikipedia). Has a coverage of 9.2% which is pretty good. Note that it also appears as later and the stats would look better if they were combined.

Wait, you say, where’s google? Well, obviously they excluded themselves from this list, if you read the fine print. And there are others they might have excluded. So really, to be precise, is the 10th most visited site on this list. Still, the coverage and page view per month are impressive.

redhat, ubuntu, debian and opensuse don’t even appear AFAICT. Either they were excluded because of no potential for ads, and/or the web world runs oblivious to our techie interests. After mozilla, the first techie site that I see is sourceforge.

Ok, enough techie stuff for now, off to enjoy fresh air.