Moving Torrents from Linux to Windows.


I’m trying to switch my torrents over from Linux into Windows without having to go through them all individually (there’s a bunch.) Now, all my file paths will stay the same on Windows as they are on Linux, except substituting “/home/matt/” for “C:” etc. That I can do, but I just need to know which file has such files that I could edit the paths of. Or if there’s a script that could do it for me / give me tips to write it myself.

My question is how would I go about getting Deluges torrents into ANY Windows torrent client without having to re-add them all myself.

I’m aware that Deluge keeps it’s setting in ~/.config/deluge and that whenever I reinstalled a new distro I would just copy that folder from one install to the next and it all went swimmingly.

Thanks for the help!

Personally i have a common NTFS partition mounted with write/read permission for normal user under linux, to use under linux and windows for downloading torrents. You could do the same thing if you have free space. The only thing i have to do when reinstalling is to re-check the torrents if using deluge. Under windows you can use skip hash in utorrent and under kde with ktorrent so you don`t waste time with file checks.