Moving Servers

Ok guys I am fairly new to all this…so please bare with me.

The place I work has a web/dns server on opensuse 10 up and running hosting a few websites (our company one & a few vhost ones). The box was set up before I got here.

Now we are wanting to create a new 11.2 server that is basically a backup / clone of 1st server in case it goes down.

What is the best method of doing this?

Thanks for any advice.

This is the best time to make a backup computer, while the old one is still up and running. When you install openSUSE 11.2, I would add all of the server and web functions in the install.

Next, I would examine the installed software on the old server (software manager), looking for programs that are not present in your new install. I would also look at the runlevel setup in YaST, for any services that are running in the old PC, not duplicated in your new server.

Look for Configuration Text files, mostly in /ect folder, that may need to be duplicated. You can run the KDE system monitor and look at active services. It is possible that no graphic user interface is being used, common on many servers. Using the “startx” will start the default graphic session if anyone is loaded. I am not sure what to do if no graphic desktop is loaded at all as to what to look at.

Thank You,

Do a fresh install from scratch, then configure the functions you need. Of course you can copy things like zone files, websites, database dumps and conf files for the vhosts. Expect some possible issues with php (old scripts not being compatible with a new release of php).

There is no real shortcut here.

Apache has changed a lot since 10. I have a websever at home I use to play with, and one here at work for phpldapadmin and ocsreports. I believe the apache directory structure has changed as well as how modules are enabled. I had to create a new vhost.conf, my old one would not work. I had to use the yast gui to turn on modperl, I could not find it in the confs.