Moving opensuse 13.2 and windows 10 upgrade to new SSD


I have a laptop with dualboot opensuse 13.2 and windows 10 upgrade.
I plan to by a ssd and put it in the spare place.
How to move the two os to the new ssd.
The current install use EFI and GPT partition.
The current HDD is 1Tb and the future sdd should be 250 Gb

I don’t care to reinstall OS 13.2 but I would like “copy” windows 10 to the new SSD without reinstalling it.
I don’t know if I can make a bootable usb install stick from my running windows 10.

Any advises are welcome.

Use a backup/re-deployment method based on imaging instead of files.

Although I haven’t actually used for your scenario,
I can’t imagine why Clonezilla shouldn’t work. Clonezilla is basic, and easy to use.
Of course, you’ll need a way to deploy both drives (eg USB external case if you don’t have a way to mount your drive in a Desktop case)

Select the options to copy the entire disk.
The target disk should be larger than your existing.


Not possible.
Initial HDD is 1To, added ssd should be 125 Go.
I plan to copy windows 10 entirely ( 30 Gb ) then add opensuse 13.2 (system only) on the ssd.
User data ( Windows and Opensuse ) staying on the HDD.

If possible, I would like not to play with EFI.


I have made a test on a laptop where the windows 10 partition was small ( 50 Gb ).
1°) Backup users data
2°) If necessary, specific windows drivers software, in case if things goes wrong.
3°) Remove every things but keep windows 10 system partition, EFI partition, windows restore partition, windows reserved partition.
4°) Boot on windows
5°) Remove linux system partition
6°) Use samsung tools to clone the single disk to the new ssd disk.
7°) Reboot
8°) Modify SSD partition to create a linux partition
9°) Install OS 13.2.

But should not work if the windows partition is bigger than the SSD disk.