Moving on to Java

I reinstalled a 32 bit copy on my hard drive and when I did a update it installed flash. Now I am moving on to Java. How do I get java to install. Is there a specific repository that would have this driver?

You might want to switch to this version of Java
The Quick Java Switch and Fix

For your information: java is not a driver. It’s a programming language. It’s runtime environment is needed to run java programs and applets. Follow Caf’s link and you’ll be in business, though the default install of the openjdk version should work in most cases.

IT WORKS!!! Now I am one nore step closer to making this a OS my children won’t complain about. Now onto geting the ret of the multimedia to work. And yes I know that Java is not a driver, it is a programing language not to be confused with Java Script which is something else altogether.

For multimedia use one of caf4926’s one cliks :
Multimedia in One Click

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