Moving mail from one provider to another

My brother’s just asked me this question, and I don’t have a ready answer.

Currently, his mail is coming in on 2 addresses. He’d like to take the mails
from one source and add it to the other.

The idea is to fetch the mails from the least used address - on the
provider’s POP server - and forward it to the other address. He can use the
SMTP server from the same provider to send off the forwarded mails.

This operation would be cron’ed to run every few minutes.

What is an easy, reliable approach to this?

Any time things appear to be going better, you have overlooked

What email provider? Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, Website …

You can use Kmail to access Gmail and most website mail servers and have it download sort multiple accounts to one local listing with mail classified into filtered folders.

  1. have kmail run at start in KDE
  2. define kmail to look for new mail every x minutes
  3. set kmail to auto notify of new mail Y/N
  4. set up two (or more) accounts to check
  5. mark both accounts to auto-check
  6. in gmail, you can set it to allow deletion of mail upon download or just leave it on server.

With Yahoo you need to use a paid for service which then allows you to download / delete / send from kmail, evolution etc. But the processess is almost the same

With HotMail you need a paid for service which then allows you to download / delete /send from kmail BUT !!! you need to tell kmail to tell the server it is Outlook express or Microsoft Hotmail will ignore requests.

That’s MHI