Moving from Fedora to OpenSuSE GNOME & Availability of Gaeilge/Irish Translation

A Chairde,
Ive recently installed OpenSuSE on a redundant Server out of curiosity. So far I’m well impressed by the ease of setup of practically any server software. I’m so impressed I’m thinking of moving my personal computer over to OpenSuSE from Fedora.
However, one thing struck me - There is no language option for Gaeilge (Modern Irish), which is my language of choice. There is a rpm for the KDE desktop but not for my desktop of choice - GNOME.
While i know the translation of GNOME into Irish is quite incomplete to say the least, I do appreciate using it, so much so that i often find myself lost in the English version!
If somebody could point me in the direction of getting a language pack for Gaeilge, perhaps migrating the Fedora RPM over? it would much appreciated.
Also, is there anything out of the ordinary i should consider with mounting my Fedora-ized home directory in a OpenSuSE installation? Should i remove all my application settings beforehand? What about UID/GID conflicts?

Is Mise, Le Meas,