Moving btrfs root partition

Hello everyone,

right now i’m running leap with root on /dev/sda1 which is btrfs but this partition is getting low on space, so i’m planning to move this installation to /dev/sdb3 (now still on FAT file system), this is the only partition available for new root.

can anyone please give me the step i need for doing this.


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Using seed device to clone btrfs will change UUID; it may be possible to change it back or you will need to adjust /etc/fstab, likely /etc/default/grub. In any case you will need to recreate initrd and re-install bootloader from new root.

Sorry, cannot give exact steps. This requires actually doing it and recording them. You have a chance to contribute by doing it - it will sure help others :slight_smile:

Or is it just snapshots that need deleting via the cron job, snapper configuration and a rebalance of /dev/sda1 to recover space…

snapper list
btrfs filesystem usage /

you can use btrfs replace, it even updates fstab for you. there is a good thread from fedora where the issue is discussed, the last post suggests the data on the original drive can be recovered in case something goes wrong.

Are you sure? Can you show example? Note that as long as you are using UUID or LABEL there is no need to update fstab at all (because they do not change) and if you mount using direct device name, it can be any alias - how should “btrfs replace” know what alias you would like to use for target?

replace does not clone (migrate?). Cloning the UUID i assume would be very dangerous. Since i havnt actually performed the procedure but merely joined the fedora thread I cant really answer any detailed questions.

back peddling (cannot edit original!), not sure if it uses same UUID or not.