Moving boot partition, resizing LVM

A while back I ran into the situation of running out of space on /boot. When I last installed Suse I just went with the recommended LVM layout, which proposes a very small /boot partition. When you run out of space you are now faced with resizing the LVM, which Gparted unfortunately does not support.

In Googling around I did not find a concise guide, so I collected the information I needed and and then wrote a guide on the steps I used to resolve this issue and it is available at Resizing Default LVM Partitions and Moving /boot - Mine the Harvest

I found using EVMS from a live CD to be quite simple and was able to create a new /boot partition and reconfigure grub to use it in very short order. I was quite impressed with how easy to use EVMS was and the options it provides.

(I think that the default LVM layout the Suse installer proposes is overly conservative on the size of the /boot partition. Why not allocate a few hundred megs, especially considering the size of drives today? Perhaps Suse will soon move to using grub2 and eliminating /boot altogether, but for now the very small allocation of space can be a bit of a pitfall for users – especially when they are not familiar with resizing LVMs and reconfiguring grub. Of course moving to grub2 also introduces its own complexities too.)

Perhaps this guide may be of use to others who encounter the same issue.


Or, maybe they should use saidan to create a gateway to another hard drive that can store the excess bytes. :slight_smile:

Nice guide. I use LVM on our CentOS server boxes, but I haven’t used it on OpenSuse yet. I’ll have to bookmark the link.


Nice suggestion channeling saidan, but there is significant debate on whether the One Power should, or should not, be used for mundane file system tasks. Different schools seem to have their own theories.

But when the Shadow threatens to prevent us from adding kernels, I think the necessity of the situation speaks for itself.