Moving /boot/efi partition

Hi! I wanted to reallocate some space from /home to / to give more room for Docker containers. However due to some earlier mistakes my EFI partition is sitting right in between the two. So I created a new partition, formatted it to FAT32, added boot and esp labels and moved all the files from /boot/efi to this new partition. I took a note of the UUID of the new EFI partition and added it to /etc/fstab. I then deleted the original EFI partition, but the OS now fails to boot with the following message:

Warning: /dev/disk/by-uuid/696C-4432 does not exist

696C-4432 is actually the UUID of the old EFI partition, which I did replace with the new UUID in /etc/fstab. Seems that it is referenced elsewhere - but I don’t know where exactly. Is there a way to rescue the system?

Turns out that /boot/initrd-6.8.7-1-default contains the reference to the the UUID of the old partition. I need to figure out how to regenerate this file from a rescue live system.

Try rd.hostonly=0 and/or on Grub’s linu line. I think this may have been the fix last time I replaced TW’s ESP.

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