Movie Making

On Windows XP, i used The Film Machine to transcode movies from AVI for example into DVD-5’s, which i added subtitles into it.

I tried already some programs on OpenSUSE like avidemux-qt4, gAny2DVD, Linux Video Maker 0.2

None of these worked too well for me. Linux movie maker just froze everytime i started encoding. Avidemus-qt4 wont let me convert from AVI to DVD5, saying “incompatible output format”.

gAny2DVD froze too.

Any help and tips appreciated.

I find devede the best, it’s in Packman
There is also ManDVD

Re: devede
By default it loads an .avi at 5001 bit rate, you can cut this in half to 2500 no problem, allowing more movies per dvd

I use the application “tovid” to take any formatted file, and make it DVD compatible. I prefer to run “tovid” from the command line … ie for an NTSC DVD:

tovd -dvd -NTSC -normalize -in input-video.flv -out output-video

which produces “output-video.mpg”
… and to check if a video is DVD compliant one can use “idvid” which comes with tovid:

idvid output-video.mpg

then I manually create an xml file with a text editor, say called mydvd.xml:

<dvdauthor dest="/path/to/where/dvd-structure/is-to-be/located/dvd">
	    <video format="ntsc" aspect="4:3" resolution="720x480" />
	      <vob file="/path/to/where/input-file/is-located/output-video-mpg" />

… the above is a simple example. Programs such as mandvd and others can automate the creation of the xml file.

And then I run dvdauthor to create the video_ts structure:

dvdauthor -x mydvd.xml

and then as a quality check I run vlc (or mplayer or xine) against that directory to check for dvd compliance.

Then I run k3b, tell k3b I want to create a dvd of video dvd format, and I drag the files from the video_ts directory into the corresponding location in the k3b menu.

Note I just “fired” that off quickly, … there may be a syntax error in the above.

WOW, those were some great replies, ill give both options a try today.