Movie converter for Linux?

Hello, I am looking to convert files so that they can be used on a DVD. Does anyone know of a good application I can use? which is GUI.

GUI? I don’t even know who GUI is.

But when you want to create movie stuff to be burnt on a DVD and play it in your DVD player all you need is mplayer/mencoder, dvdauthor and growisofs. There are some nice shell scripts around to launch those three with the right options.

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Try qdvdauthor from repo


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There are many available on Packman (and in the Packman repository): PackMan :: openSUSE 3rd party packages such as 2ManDVD, dvdspanky, dvdwizard, gAny2DVD, gdvdcretor, kdvdauth, kmediafactory, KDVDCreator, mandvd, tovid …

Me? I do not use any of those (except maybe tovid a bit). I typically run dvdauthor directly, but that requires one to manually create one’s own dvdauthor.xml file, which most people are not into creating.

mandvd and dvdstyler

zypper se dvd

I use devede. It is available in the Packman repo.

There is also an interesting addon in firefox that use ffmpeg or mencoder.
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