Moved /var to new partition - fixed errors, but!

Ok, root partition filled up due to giant logs (1.3, 1.4 GB!), so I booted using Live CD, logged in to root, and fixed that. I assumed that this would be just like moving /home to a separate partition. So, I moved /var to a new partition to prevent this from recurring.

Along the way, I did a small snafu (small since stuff is working): I copied the directory over using Nautilus. Oops - wasn’t thinking, I guess. I think some rights weren’t copied over correctly. I got a gdm/.ICEauthority error, and fixed that by chown’ing /gdm to gdm, instead of root. So, I have questions.

When copying, some stuff in /var/run and /var/spool wouldn’t copy. So I left it there, and at this point realized maybe this wasn’t like moving /home, and started googling things. When researching the errors, I found this: jonie: . . . . /var/run is mounted as tmpfs and therefore must not be mounted on a mountable partition. . . it’s being mounted even before root is rw . . .(so) create a directory run under /var . . . init scripts should handle (it). Ok, so I left /var/run and a /var/spool under /, with the “var” partition mounting at /var. It works, even though /var is not empty.

The questions I think I need answered:

  1. Which subdirectories under /var, besides gdm, should be owned by other than root, and what should they be owned by?
  2. What is happening with /var mounting to a non-empty directory? I thought you couldn’t do this! The “jonie” I quoted sounds like they know what they are talking about - read some of the stuff they have written at the utoronto link in their post.
  3. While googling moving /var, I found some ppl recommend mounting the new partition under /media or /mnt, and then creating a symlink, rather than mounting the new partition directly. Why? Does this method have advantages over mounting the /var partition directly (using mount or fstab)? I don’t get it, it just doesn’t make sense to me, but the guy who wrote this how to used to be the CEO of Gentoo. He must know something, eh? I see other people doing what I did - mounting the new partition in fstab, @ mount point /var.