moved my hard drive to a new machine and now it wont boot

Please I really need help with this situation.
My machine recently burnt out due to a power surge however the hard drive seems okay
I put the hard drive in a new machine but Suse won’t seem to boot to gui. It keeps complaining about dev/hda1 and hda2 not found.
Is there a way to repair this installation without a fresh install? I have a lot of settings I really do not want to lose.

Thanks for you help, all.

pop in your dvd & boot from it,then run the repair utility on it


Thanks for the tip, Andy. However,I’ve lost my install DVD adn the installed version is 10.0. Will an 11.1 dvd repair this install?


To be honest you are going to best starting a new install. 10.0 is no longer supported.
You could keep your /home where all your personal files are. You will just have to re-install all your applications.

If you had a live cd (and good knowledge) you might be able to get things going by editing some files like /etc/fstab
But to try and explain all the possibilities via a forum is not easy.

> You could keep your /home where all your personal files are. You will
> just have to re-install all your applications.

the default install for 10.0 did NOT have /home on a separate
partition…so, mindful of that…you may need to use parted to form a
new partition and move /home there…and not format it during the new

there are several threads here that cover that…use the forum search…

natural_pilot /( )

WOW. I did not recall that @natural_pilot
I know for sure I had a separate /home, but then I always use Custom Partitioning.

Proceed with caution, backup and start again.

> WOW. I did not recall that @natural_pilot

and, if i recall correctly, 10.0 also defaulted to the murderer’s
file system (reiser)…

natural_pilot /( )

whoa . . .

Probably no need to reinstall. The old drive is in a new machine, but either the boot device configuration and/or root volume configuration does not match. For example, if the old disk (which in the old machine was either SATA1 or PATA1, hence hda) in the new machine is in a different position, then it is no longer hda.

@jomski, you’re going to need some way to access the data on that drive, and it cannot be Windows. A LiveCD would be best. Probably all that needs to be modified are the /boot/grub/menu.lst, /boot/grub/, and /etc/fstab files. You may also need to reinstall grub, although from your description I’m guessing that grub is in the MBR of that drive and you used the new machine’s bios settings to select that drive for boot.