Moved core system folders

So I accidentally moved bin, sbin, lib, lib64, var, opt, boot, usr. I think that covers it.

So I used a 13.1 live cd to cp -rp to move the folders back. Now authentication manager is failing. I forced a reinstall of polkit, systemctl status doesn’t tell me much unless I’m missing it.

Anyone have a suggestion?

Use the 13.1 install DVD, choose the Update option.

Yep reinstall. You zapped the whole system

So I was able to move back the folders… however the FIRST time i moved them back, i didn’t use cp -rp. When i did this the second time, correctly i forgot to verify the / folder permissions.

/var had the wrong permissions on the top level folder. Once I change it to 765, polkit started.

So if you find this thread and you’ve made my idiot mistake… moving root level folders to a subfolder. just move them back with a cp -rp and you’ll be fine. verify their permissions.

My 13.2 (i was wrong about the version) is now working just fine.