Move with Alt+Mouse and resize with Alt+MIddle click

Hey everyone,
I am new to opensuse with gnome. I’ve used it before but as KDE distro and as my GNOME distro I used ubuntu (bad idea, I know). The things is that I am used to dragging windows not for the title bar but anywhere when holding the <alt> key and resizing them while holding the <alt> key and dragging with the middle mouse button. It’s has become such a great part of my work-flow that I find it very frustrating when I try to drag a window while holding alt and click something in it instead. Same for resizing.

I found this, but it didn’t help

gnome - Gnome3 - Change window drag shortcut - Super User

The shortcut option in the settings didn’t work as well. It doesn’t detect mouse clicks so by default it’s alt+F7, F8 respectively, which doesn’t do it for me


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The keyboard settings are not accepting mouse for me too. I use Alt+<Space> to get Maximize,minimize and move menu. Then i can press n(minimize) x(maximize) m(move) various windows

I found a direct answer to your question.
I checked d-conf editor and here org.gnome.desktop.wm.preferences.mouse-button-modifier is set to <SUPER>. Hence Super+left mouse does move the windows around. You can probably change it to Alt and issue will be resolved. I tested after changing to ‘alt’ and it works.

Screenshot of the change

Awesome. That worked perfectly, thanks

p.s. sorry for the late response I was away for a while

you are welcome