Move openSUSE 15.4 from Intel to AMD CPU


I have an installation of openSUSE 15.4 on a Intel processor and plan to move it (by physically moving the hard disk where it is installed) to a system with a AMD processor. I would like to ask whether there is anything specific that I need to consider or do before the move. Both systems are older desktop computers. The installation uses NetworkManager with DHCP (default settings). These are the details of the systems:

Current system:
Intel Pentium D 2.8 GHz
NVIDIA video card (Nouveau)

New system:
AMD Athlon II X2 215
NVIDIA video card

Both systems also have on-board graphics but I do not plan to use it.


Normally there will be no problem. Except you should keep a eye on the Nvidia graphic. Sometimes you need to adjust it fir the right card software.

Thanks. I am aware of that. I assume that the Nouveau driver should be OK with a different NVIDIA card, both older GeForce models.

Probably a good idea is to run mkinitrd to be sure all new hardware is detected.

As I have been told mkinitrd has been replaced by:

dracut --regenerate-all --force

mkinitrd has been remove from Tumbleweed and may be removed from Leap.

still in 15.4. But your right it is being phased out

OK. Is my understanding correct that the installation is independent whether the CPU is Intel or AMD?



You’ll need the “ucode-amd” package:

Firmware blob file Decimal Hexadecimal Family name Year Examples
amd-ucode/microcode_amd.bin 16 10h K10 2007 Phenom, Phenom II, Athlon II
17 11h Turion 2008 Athlon X2, Sempron X2, Turion X2
18 12h Llano, Fusion 2009 A- and E2-Series APU with Radeon HD graphics, Athlon II, Sempron X2
20 14h Bobcat 2011 C- and E-Series APU with Radeon HD graphics
 > rpm -ql ucode-amd
 > cat /lib/firmware/amd-ucode/README
This repository includes microcode container files for family 15h, 16h,
17h, and 19h AMD CPUs. Microcode patches for families earlier than 15h are
included in the microcode_amd.bin microcode container file. The microcode
patches included in an AMD CPU microcode container file can be listed using
the script in the following git repository:

The microcode patches included in the container files in this directory are
listed below:

Microcode patches in microcode_amd.bin:
  Family=0x10 Model=0x02 Stepping=0x02: Patch=0x01000083 Length=960 bytes
  Family=0x10 Model=0x02 Stepping=0x0a: Patch=0x01000084 Length=960 bytes
  Family=0x10 Model=0x06 Stepping=0x02: Patch=0x010000c7 Length=960 bytes
  Family=0x10 Model=0x05 Stepping=0x03: Patch=0x010000c8 Length=960 bytes
  Family=0x10 Model=0x09 Stepping=0x01: Patch=0x010000d9 Length=960 bytes
  Family=0x10 Model=0x08 Stepping=0x00: Patch=0x010000da Length=960 bytes
  Family=0x10 Model=0x05 Stepping=0x02: Patch=0x010000db Length=960 bytes
  Family=0x10 Model=0x0a Stepping=0x00: Patch=0x010000dc Length=960 bytes
  Family=0x11 Model=0x03 Stepping=0x01: Patch=0x02000032 Length=512 bytes
  Family=0x12 Model=0x01 Stepping=0x00: Patch=0x03000027 Length=960 bytes
  Family=0x14 Model=0x01 Stepping=0x00: Patch=0x05000029 Length=1568 bytes
  Family=0x14 Model=0x02 Stepping=0x00: Patch=0x05000119 Length=1568 bytes

Yes, I was pleasantly surprised that, AMD CPUs dated from 2008 need microcode … :upside_down_face: