Move home directory to another user

I am not sure if this is the proper forum. If not, please let me know which one.

I am using fully updated 13.1 with XFCE.

I have an applicaion that will start for all users, but one (user X). I’d like to creater another user (Y) and assign X’s home to Y. I’d like to do this to see if X’s settings are mucked up somewhere, or if there are corrupted files in X’s directory. My assumption is the if the application runs for Y after being assigned X’s directory, then that directory is fine.

Is the directory assignment possible? If so is the process complicated and how would I go about it?

Is my assumption regarding the user settings vs directory files correct?

I have posted in the Applications forum about the specific application (fldigi), with different questions.

Any and all help appreciated.

The settings are mostly in the home directory, in files or subdirectories with names that begin with “.” (so are not normally listed by “ls”). Just moving the directory will also move all of the settings that you want to avoid.

If I want to make a fresh start, here’s what I do:

mkdir OLD
mv .??* OLD
cd OLD
ls -a

That moves all of the files (well, almost all and probably all) whose name begins with “.” into OLD.

But that moves too many. Hence my final “ls -a”. From there, I move a few back:

mv .ssh .gnupg .profile .bashrc .mozilla  ..

That moves the listed files (not including “…”) back to the parent directory (which is “…”).

If you want a fresh start with firefox, then don’t move “.mozilla” back. If you want to keep old settings for “mutt” then move “.muttrc” back. And, similarly, for other files/directories. Since you haven’t deleted anything, you can make changes later. When you are happy, then remove OLD and its contents. I usually wait a month or two before that final removal.

Best to make all of those changes when you are not logged into the GUI. So use CTRL-ALT-F2, and login at a terminal session to make those changes.