Move existing installation to another file system

I have TW installed on a btrfs partition that is a part of a logic volume.
I am thinking of moving away from lvm and btrfs in order to speed up my workflow and wondering if it is possible to make a file level backup of my / partition, re-partition the drive (delete lvm, make a simple / partition formatted as ext4) and restore the system from the backup. Is it going to work? What would be the best tool for that?

Of course.

What would be the best tool for that?

On several occasions I had to do it I used tar/cpio/rsync (pick your choice). You will need to adjust some files anyway after restore, run a couple of commands to install bootloader, and I have no idea whether tools that claim to do it actually cover everything. So I prefer to understand background and do it manually, then at least I know what had been done :slight_smile:

rsync is all you need. Make sure you understand the necessary fixups to the restored copy before you start. You probably need, at least, to fix grub configuration and fstab. Just use your search engine of choice, I am sure there are lots of howtos about this.

On the other hand, lvm and btrfs are a reasonable choice when setup correctly. Partitioning is inherently a waste of space. You either create the partition too small or too big. The problem gets bigger with the count of partitions. The more partitions you have, the more space is wasted. I use lvm with btrfs, though I have disabled automatic snapshots and have no separate volume for home.

Thank you for your feedback. Looks like there is no easy solution (restore dd backup is easy but it is a sector by sector not file level copy). If I am to fix grub, fstab etc. I probably better do a clean install.
Maybe I should just leave everything as is including lvm, btrfs, etc. …
i just thought since I don’t take an advantage of btrfs why would I have it.