mouse woes

I have a macbook with which I want to be able to use both the trackpad and, no occasion, an usb mouse. But so far I have not been able to configure opensuse to work how I want. It’s pretty straightforward to get the trackpad working properly by modifying xorg.conf as instructed here. Also it’s easy to just use an usb mouse.

However, when using trackpad and plugging in the usb mouse the usb mouse does not not work. When leaving xorg.conf alone and setting the usb mouse via sax, the trackpad works but does not allow right clicks or scolling and has very low sensitivity.

So I can use either trackpad or usb mouse properly but not both at same time. Any ideas how to tackle this would be welcome.

I think you might have some success if you add irqpoll to your bootup options. Add it to your boot options when booting, and if it works, make it permanent by editing /boot/grub/menu.lst as root. Best of luck to you. Also, mice are cheap. Try a second hand ps2 if the irqpoll doesn’t do it for you.