Mouse wheel side tilt buttons


My Dell Bluetooth mouse works well. The 3 buttons, wheel and side buttons all work. But I would also like the side tilt buttons on the mouse wheel to work for side scrolling.

Does anyone know how to do this?



I cannot give detailed instructions to solve your problem, but the “keyword” you should search for is “evdev” - I use this driver with my logitech mouse and wheel side tilt works great!

What you want is btnx : btnx
this is a great little utility for configuring mice. It has its limitations, but the advantages far outweigh them, at least they do in my opinion…

Sorry for the VERY delayed follow up on this. I did install that package and it then worked as hoped. I have done a couple of openSUSE upgrades since then. All buttons are still working. Perhaps the changes I made have persisted, or perhaps the more recent versions of openSUSE now support the extra buttons by default.

So all good.