Mouse Wheel Problem

Newbie here,
My mouse wheel has been “broken” in openSuse since 10.3 (it worked with 10.2).
Today when I started my computer my cursor did not respond to any of my mouse movements.
So I reboot into safe mode to see if I broke something.
Doing the mouse test in Yast I found that both of my buttons work (as usual) and my wheel also works. (!)
I was amazed.
I checked the x11 conf file and it shows zaxis as “4 5”.
(which I THINK is the setting for a mouse wheel?)
Reboot back into normal mode and no mouse wheel again.

How can this be?


Also, now my numeric keypad is not working with number lock on (or off).
Why is THAT?

Also, OpenSUSE 11.0, KDE 3.5 resets my sound to 0 every reboot.
This did not happen with 10.3.
I am just using MB sound chip - no issues before this)

FYI, I did an “upgrade” from 10.3 to 11.0.

Never mind.
This was fixed (finally!) through Bugzilla.