Mouse wheel actions sometimes go to the wrong window

Ever since booting up today, mouse wheel events in Plasma 5 sometimes get sent to the wrong window.

When I use the mouse wheel to scroll the content in any window that allows scrolling, scrolling will work for some time until suddenly, quite randomly, some other open window will start scrolling. For example, when scrolling in Firefox, suddenly instead of the Firefox window keeping on scrolling, the Konsole window next to it will scroll through its command history. A lot of the time, the scroll events seem to erroneously go to the window list or the desktop, meaning I end up switching through the open windows or the virtual desktops.

This only started happening today, but unfortunately, I cannot say which update might have brought this on, since I hadn’t rebooted in some time (weeks, maybe a month) before that. (I am using OpenSuse in VirtualBox, and I usually just freeze the VM instead of doing a real shutdown. I did a real shutdown yesterday because there was a kernel update.)

This is quite annoying, to the point where it kills the usefulness of the mouse scroll wheel entirely for me.

I’m not having a problem here.

I’ll note, however, that the scroll wheel applies to the window that the mouse is over, rather than to the currently active (focused) window.

Personally, I use “focus follows mouse” so that those two windows are the same. However, if I allow the mouse point to drift to the tabs of konqueror, the scroll wheel scrolls through the tabs instead of scrolling the text in the current tab. And if I position the pointer over speaker icon in the tray, the scroll wheel scrolls the audio volume.

It has been always this way, as best I recall. It is different from how the scroll wheel works in Microsoft Windows.


Nope, this is not it. I am keeping the mouse cursor inside the window I actually want to scroll, and it keeps its focus. I am also using focus-follows-mouse, btw. Maybe the problem is related to using this under VirtualBox somehow.

That’s possible. I’m not currently using virtual box, so I cannot easily check that.

I made a bugreport out of this now:

Thanks for posting that bug number.