Mouse Tap Not Working on Dell 1645

Hello frnds,

I am very new to Opensuse. I have fresh installed Opensuse 11.3 on my laptop and the Mouse tap is not working. Please Give me Solution.


Go to YaST>Software Manager and enter ‘synaptic’ in Search; you will get options to install KDE and Gnome synaptics managers. Install the appropriate one.

There are in fact two available for KDE but the one which I find easier to work with is kcm-touchpad. Simply enter ‘touch’ in the KDE Search and it will come up.

If your using KDE desktop open kickoff launcher lower left corner. On the favorites menu open Configure Desktop (personal settings) > look under Computer Administration > Keyboard and Mouse > Touchpad > (touchpad switch on at bootup. Other settings for touch pad here but this should at least get your pad working. Mine was disabled by default. Also note that the settings may need adjustment if you have a mouse plugged in or the touch pad still won’t work. Hope that’s all it was.