Mouse side scrolling

I just got this mouse it has the ability to side scroll and has 2 extra buttons that are programmable under windows. Is there a way to make the side scrolling extra work and program the extra buttons perform some tasks?

Also this brings to mind my keyboard, I was able to get the mute, volume up and down buttons working. Is there a way to make the next, previous and pause/play buttons work with Amarok?


Forgot to mention this is openSUSE 11 and kde 4.1

Info from link below works very well, took parts from the different LX models and side scrolling seems to be working.

HOWTO Advanced Mouse/Individual Configurations

As far as your media keys, I believe hotkeys-setup is the trickā€¦

Check this posting
HP Pavilion dv6855el - openSUSE

Scroll down to Multimedia keys section

Good Luck