Mouse Scroll Wheel quit working, BT mouse

Here’s a good one…my scroll wheel quit working…it’s something I did I think because I’m new to Suse. I’m using 11.0 KDE4 and the mouse is a <shudder> MS 5000 Bluetooh Mouse. I think I hosed it when I changed the mouse ‘type’ in Yast to the wrong mouse. Now I’ve put it back to what I thought it set up as, which is Auto>Generic and the scroll wheel button is checked. I’ve restarted X etc. Very annoying :o Otherwise, the mouse works fine. thanks!!

I reinstalled and solved it…my fault from selecting the wrong mouse type without remembering the setting that worked. Won’t do that again. Now on the multimedia stuff :rolleyes:

Even, I have the same problem. Mouse scroll is not working on opensuse 11 with KDE 4. Its HP mouse & works well on Windows XP.
Can any one tell how to solve the problem