Mouse randomly acts weird: wrong focus, clicks don't work

Anybody else having this problem? The closest description I could find
on Google was an old bug report from kde at

This problem started about a month ago. The only way to unstick the
mouse is to go to one of the other screens via CTL-ALT-F1 and then go
back to CTL-ALT-F7.

My system is running openSUSE 12.3 with all the updates and KDE 4.10.3
release 1 which is also stock. My hardware is intel i7-3820 CPU @
3.60GHZ and using the nouveau video driver. The renderer reports Gallium
0.4 on NVC8. My video card is Nvidia GF110 [GeForce GTX 570 HD] card.

This does not happen on a different system running the same software
with different Nvidia card.

I originally had a logitech wireless mouse and changed it out with a
wired Dynex mouse with no change in the mouse problems. I then
re-installed openSUSE 12.3 with a fresh user to make sure it was not
some program I had installed that caused the problem but that did not help.

I also tried the proprietary Nvidia driver but could not view any xmbc
videos which was what this system is mainly used for so i went back to
the fresh install and the nouveau driver.

I did not see anything crazy in .xsessions-errors, dmesg, or

I am not sure if this report should be here or in hardware but if
anybody has any suggestions to help fix this problem I would appreciate
it very much.

Thank you,