Mouse Problems

Bit of a repost seeing as the other 2 threads I found describing the same issue didn’t have much in the way of help/solutions.

I’m using opensuse 11.1 and have a 3 screen setup using 2 Geforce 8600GTS cards bound together with xinerama and a screen for each head (no Twinview).

The problem is that I randomly lose the ability to left/right click with the mouse. Cursor moves fine and keyboard is fully functional. Killing X server /w Ctrl + Alt + Backspace x2 and logging back in corrects the problem for a time, but it recurs.

Apparently this is an Xserver bug and it looks to have affected a couple of other distros too…

I found a likely solution at:

which leads to

Bug 18668 – Mouse buttons sometimes stop responding when moving from one xinerama screen to another

I haven’t found any indications of a patch on the openSUSE side (or any mention of this problem in bugzilla), so maybe I need to open a bug report for it.

Unfortunately the workaround of alt + tab, alt + space, and move the window to another head doesn’t work for me so I was poking around trying to see if I could build whatever library the patch needs to go into (it patches mi/mipointer.c). The losing mouse clicks business is incredibly annoying/frustrating if you’ve had to deal with it.

Grabbed xorg-x11-server-7.4-46.1 from the xorg repository on the buildservice… it has the patch integrated so I’ll test my setup some more on Monday to see if it fixes the focus problems… on the downside I now have another bug with a cursor staying behind on each xinerama screen when I go from screen to screen… at least that bug is only cosmetic in nature :confused:

I have the exact same problem with the same setup… 3 Monitors on 2 GPUs running OpenSuse 11.1. Not sure if you figured out a solution. Could you post back on any progress?


It looks like the original bug is fixed but I traded it for two others.

Repo I’m using is

Current relevant versions are:


I probably should’ve stuck with the versions I had on Thursday after enabling that repo (forgot to disable it again after the update).

Problems now are that the mouse cursor stays on all screens (doesn’t affect the mouse usability, it is purely cosmetic) and that if I press and hold a key (so far confirmed with arrow keys) the entire x-server goes kaput and takes me back to the login splash screen :confused:

So I’d say try the repo at your own risk (and I’m remembering the lesson I learned 2 years ago… stay away from the “update” repos for xorg :slight_smile: I remember encountering a bug like this a few years ago and it is pretty maddening… Hoping the next xorg update fixes it.

Yup… I updated my X server this past weekend with the same results… Mouse cursor stays on all the screens as well as the random X restarts… Not fun. This wouldnt be too big of an issue if all my processes stayed alive with the random X reboots, but thats not the case… I’ve since went back and disabled a GPU and am now running two monitors with a minimal XFCE desktop… Issue doesnt seem to occur as often. I think when you move to 3+ screens the problem manifests itself. Ill just wait for the update to be integrated with a Suse distro…

Found bug reports for the crash while holding down the keys (happens with any key):

So it wasn’t just those on opensuse :slight_smile:

One suggestion I saw for dealing with the crashing for that was to disable keyboard repeat (and of course the easy option for it is missing atm under KDE 4.2).

I could probably get by with 2 screens if they did 1920x1200, but unfortunately my current set of 3 is only 1680x1050… ah well I refuse to go back to Windows so I’ll figure it out… lol!

Found the reason for the Keyboard stuff missing…

A quick

sudo mv /usr/share/applications/keyboard.desktop /usr/share/applications/keyboard.desktop.bad

(or whatever you prefer for doing it)

let me get rid of keyboard repeat. I’ll see if that fixes the crashing issue with holding the keys (I can live without repeat if it stabilizes things)

I love bugs :slight_smile: