Mouse problem (left button does not release following drag operation)

PC: AMD 64 X2 4200
OS: Vista 32 Home premium SP1
VM: VMWare 7.1.2
OS: openSUSE 11.3 - 2.6.34-12
Mouse: Logitech M-BZ105A

Hi, I have had a frustrating problem for the past few months where performing a ‘left-mouse-button-drag’ operation (i.e. holding down on a scroll bar, drawing a line in a graphics application, connecting a wire in Labview) will often fail to acknowledge when the mouse button is released by the user. The OS continues to believe the button is being held down (as far as I can tell).

From this point, sometimes the mouse button might release if I ctrl+alt+del or right click around the place, but mostly I need to restart openSUSE to fix the issue. This occurs every 10 minutes or so, and after searching for a solution for the past few months, I now write in hope that this is a known issue, and there is a solution.

Of course the problem could be with VMWare, but I have also Mandriva, DSL and Puppy Linuz installed, and none show this same problem.

Any help would be appreciated.


Please, it is probably a problem on Wmware, ask to support on they forum!!

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Yes, it could well be an issue with just VMWare - but again I have 3 other Linux OS installed + 32bit Win7 and 64bit Win7 running as Virtual Machines, and openSUSE is the only one exhibiting this issue.

I do not wish to close off this thread yet - as when (if) I find a solution I will post it here for proper closure.

So if anyone has encountered such an issue with the left-mouse-click + drag lockup (either running openSUSE via a Virtual Machine or as a primary OS) then I would be interested in hearing from you - with any tips of course!

Best regards,

kaneem wrote:
> I would be interested in hearing from you - with any tips of course!

you can look in our bug data base to see if anyone else has seen this:

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I have this same problem. I wonder if it isn’t ubiquitous for 11.3 installs on VMWare. . . I notice that there are multiple threads popping up on both OpenSUSE and VMWare forums and neither side has found anything and no one has come up with any fixes. It seems its unique to this particular combination so hopefully someone can figure it out and those with an interest in it won’t just point to the other vendor and say its their problem before investigating.

So frustrating, particularly since I have a tendency to highlight text as I read it (helps me focus) by left clicking and dragging… when I do that it gets “stuck” about every 10 to 20 minutes or so. My best luck has been running VMWare Player in Unity mode, and when it gets stuck, switching to a windows app and doing some mouse clicks, drags, etc, and then switching back. Usually works after one or several tries.

Please post if you’ve found a fix or come across anything. Thanks.


We are having the same issue after "up"grading to 11.3 with VMWare. Due to all the issues with OpenSuSE we might be moving to Ubuntu or RedHat. OpenSuSE has been painful.

I fixed this problem by: Go to Start menu, type in: Mouse settings, click on: Change Mouse Settings, click on the: Activities Tab, deselect: Enable ClickLock, - apply and ok.