Mouse problem in FF and Thunderbird

I see a mouse scroll wheel problem in both Firefox and Thunderbird.

In Firefox when I scroll down then back up the browser will jump to the previous page. This is very annoying. If this is a feature I’d like to turn it off.

In Thunderbird the focus seems to jump around with a scroll up.

The scroll wheel seem ok in all other apps.

Anyone else seen this?

scroll down then back up the browser will jump to the previous page.
Is this all you do. Where is the mouse pointer at the time.
If you do that on the panel in kde it will do that

I dont have this problem. If i try to scroll up its only juddering and thats not a problem for me.

This only happens in FF or TB all other apps behaves as you would expect.

The mouse is over the web browser drawing area not over the desktop. What happens is the the up scroll causes the previous web page to load doing again returns to original page. Scroll up a lot and it jumps back and forth between the last two pages viewed. I have tried to disabling all the addons. Currently moonlight, Suse branding and NoScript. Still have the problem. Interestingly if I scroll up very slowly it works correctly but if I scroll down one click and then up on click I’m suddenly on the previous page.Tried in Konqueror it is fine no problems. It just happens in Mozilla programs.In TB the focus changes between the panes on up scroll.

Maybe it is the TB beta?? To be honest I’m not too happy with it in general seems like a major step backwards.

In FFox
filter: scroll](

Unlikely to be much help, but you never know. I have not come across this before.

Ok all good now.

Turned out to be a mouse driver problem. I have a semi-odd setup in that I have a KVM switch This always seem to cause odd problems with mice.

Solution was I copied the xorg.conf mouse settings from my 10.2 files and set Option “AutoAddDevices” “off” in the sever flag section.

I know it was a mouse problem when I got the same behavior in XP running in Vbox. Even did it in ie8. Odd it did not appear in Konquerer or any other app just Mozilla apps and ie8. You think that maybe ie8 has some Mozilla code in it??? >:)