Mouse Pointer Lag / Jerky Movement

I am having a problem with mouse pointer lag on a clean install of Opensuse 11.4 64bit on a lenovo thinkpad sl510

The mouse will operate fine for a period of time and then it will start to lag or have jerky movement. At first I thought it was some kind of interference on the wireless mouse but then I noticed the same symptoms on the touchpad and trackpad.

There is no cpu load that might cause this to happen.

The symptoms persist for a few minutes then disappear for an unspecified period of time and return again later randomly.

Haven’t been able to find much here in the Opensuse forums but there is a bug filed for exactly the same symptoms over in Ubuntu that has a lot of users complaining

Does anybody have any idea what might be the cause of this or a possible solution?

using kernel Linux x86_64
Intel onboard GM45 video

I have same problems.

suse 11.4, gnome desktop, ati radeon graphics card, microsoft wheel mouse optiical.
CPU not heavily loaded. Only a couple of services runnng.

Only fix I have found is a restart. Logout/login does not fix it.

Quite annoying.

Cannot say how or when it starts after a reboot.

Anyone have any idea?

Tom Kosvic

have filed a bug report for it if you’d like to add your vote.