mouse pointer freezing

i recently thought id take the plunge with linux and uinstalled opensuse 11.1 in its own partition on my pc. the install went fine, or so it seemed. my problem is that my usb mouse will freeze sporadically, the only way to remedy the problem being to reboot the system.
my system specs are -
dell dimension e521,amd 64 dual core 3800+, gig ram, nvidia geforce 7300 le
any help would be greatly appreciated.

no ideas anyone?

> no ideas anyone?

first: welcome…happy you took the plunge but you need to help us
help you…

the install disk you used: did you check the iso prior to burning the
disk? check the burned disk prior to beginning the install?

when you say “freeze sporadically”, does it momentarily get sticky
(half a second, or so and then starts working), or does it stop
working and stay that way for (say) ten minutes and then start working
again, or does it at unpredictable times freeze solid and stay that
way, for ever?

and, this USB mouse, was it correctly identified by the system and
work smoothly during install? did it work correctly for (say) several
days and then suddenly begin to “freeze sporadically”?

was it smooth before you installed the nVidia graphics driver?
was it smooth before the last kernel install?

did it do the same when you ran a live CD?

if you plug a non-USB mouse in, does it work smoothly? (no NOT plug in
a normal mouse while your machine is running)

i know rebooting is a way the folks using Redmond’s Finest sometimes
magically fix stuff–forget it here…it is NOT the way to get
anything to work right…for example, you can shutdown and restart
XWindows without rebooting the machine…and, i’d bet that unsticks
your mouse…

have you yet:

  • disabled or uninstalled beagle?

  • learned which DE you are using? (like KDE3, KDE4, Gnome or what? i
    ask, because if you are using KDE4.1 then you need to upgrade it
    KDE4.2 or .3)

  • used this forum’s search engine to SEARCH for previous threads with
    these terms: mouse freeze sporadically

  • learned about top, and how to use it to monitor your system?

see, we need more info to help you (like, disabling beagle is probably
not gonna help if the mouse periodically freezes solid for no apparent
reason…and, nothing is gonna help you if you used faulty install


hi, thanks for your time :slight_smile:
i checked the integrity of the iso after download, and again after id burnt it to disc.
when i say freeze sporadically, i mean the pointer will work fine and smooth for a length of time, anything from 10 seconds from startup or 45 minutes later, then suddenly it will freeze in place and remain there. it doesnt matter if i disconnect/reconnect the mouse. the only way i can get the mouse to move again is by reboot.
the mouse is correctly identified in yast in the hardware.
i have no ps/2 ports on this pc to try a non usb mouse with, i also have a keyboard, wireless adaptor and speakers in usb ports too.
you mentioned shutting down and restarting xwindows, how would i do this? sorry i’m a total linux newb, is opensuse ok for newbies?
im using kde, not sure which version, i’ll check in the morning. i also have a a vague idea of what top is, wouldnt really know what to look for in this instance though.
i should also mention that i persisted without a mouse earlier on today, managing to get my wireless connection to work. but after a while the usb keyboard gave up on me too.
sorry for the long post, i dont know if any of the information ive given helps, id appreciate a nod in any direction that may help and thanks once again for your time

Did you ever find a solution ? I’ve got the same problem.