mouse only working in failsafe

Got a problem with my mouse only working in failsafe since had fixed my initial problem (xserver would not start because the graphikcard Via S3G Inichrome Pro / K8M800, now running on VESA driver)

tried different types of mice (USB, PS/2) all the same.

stuck, just for the fun of it, different graphikboard (old Matrox Millenium II)in and changed the xorg.config and mouse came to live.

What am I doing wrong?:frowning:

I don’t know, but recently helping another user with a mouse problem, we discovered that he had created the X configuration file with a different program than YaST’s sax2 (sax2 will write a header line which identifies the file as having been created by sax2; of course this doesn’t mean another program didn’t modify the file afterward). I would compare the InputDevice sections between the two xorg.conf files. If necessary, copy the sections from the working file into the file not working.

Hmmm, I had this problem too. Mouse worked in Gnome CD installer and in failsafe mode after install but not on “opensuse 11” boot. I found my issue seemed to be in /boot/grub/menu.lst from which I deleted psmouse.proto=bare from the “opensuse 11” section of the file. . . Now my mouse works;)