Mouse not working, what to do

Just installed openSUSE 11.0 with KDE 4
and my Logitech MX300 didn’t a single move
already shut down my computer twice and nothing changes
In Mandriva and Ubuntu it never happened

If a USB mouse, check in your BIOS to see if you have “legacy mode” enabled for USB devices.

You can also try booting to run level 3 (ie type ‘3’, no quotes) when the grub boot menu appears, … then log in as a regular user. Type “su” to get root permissions, and run “yast” to configure your mouse.

ALT-Q will exit “yast”.

You can test X from run level 3 by typing (as a regular user) “startx” (no quotes), and you can reboot from run level 3 by typing (with root permissions) “shutdown -r now”.

thanks for help but
the legacy thing was already enabled,then I tried lots of options on yast and any worked
I runned it on safe mode and the mouse was working, then I configured with graphical yast and there I found better options.

Now its the internet time, just reading some “how to”.
im just new to linux, this suse was called as a good choice for new comers but its being the harder to start, but interface is cool, I think once I start it I will like

Congratulations on getting this to work.

And welcome to openSUSE Linux, and to our forum. Thank you for participating.

You may find it worthwhile to read up on some basic top level openSUSE Linux concepts:
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