Mouse Not Working SuSE11.4

Well the original thread was closed, however I was never given a resolution to my problem…so here goes AGAIN.
I installed 11.4 with no issues. When I boot to the desktop…no mouse…just a frozen pointer.
I have a Logitech wireless USB and a corded usb mouse. Neither of which work. I tried putting a PS2 adapter on the corded mouse…no dice.
I have so far ran cat /etc/fstab
and dmesg|grep usb
modprobe -l|grep mouse all to no avail. I booted into console and ran Yast where the usb device appeared fine.
I want to resolve this so any and all help is greatly appreciated! :
I want to run SuSE…and get away from Windoze…


what GUI are you using? Gnome, KDE?

Does the mouse work at the initial login screen?

What happens if you change from, say Gnome, to KDE or vice-versa, or to any other display manager?


On 05/05/2011 01:06 PM, MontiCiski wrote:
> Well the original thread was closed, however I was never given a
> resolution to my problem…so here goes AGAIN.

my friend, you opened THREE threads!! here:

  1. “USB Mouse” in hardware

  2. “No Mouse after install 11.4 64 bit” in install/boot/login

  3. “Is there Issues with the new Kernel…and what about with USB”

and, you mentioned the same mouse problem in another:

  1. “2hdd DUAL BOOTING” in install/boot/loging

and, now this is the fifth thread with this one problem:

  1. “Mouse Not Working SuSE11.4”

and, there remains unanswered questions and advice not followed in at
least two of the first three threads!!

as well as my note (in your number 3 above) that probably the problem
is the new kernel

perhaps you need to read our FAQ where it says: “The openSUSE Forums
staff do not allow “cross posting”, where a user posts the same or a
similar thread in more than one forum. The thread that was posted in the
least-relevant forum will be removed. The openSUSE staff may combine the
threads if both threads have responses.”

> I want to run SuSE…

you get no help from me until you answer my questions in one the first
three threads above…but, i already gave you the answer! fine it.

> and get away from Windoze…

well, you are going to have to take on more responsibility of following
the rules and paying attention! if you ask for help and a helper asks
for information (in order to troubleshoot) you must answer, or go
away. if you do not know how to answer then say that, and ask how to get
the info requested.

this is not rocket science but you must pay attention!

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