Mouse moves automatically, menus popup KDE openSuse 11.1


I installed openSuse 11.1 last night on my Acer5710z and got a bit of a mouse problem. Can any one help please?

I used the DVD iso image, I did not understand how to use LiveCD iso. Installation went quite smoothly without any problems. After seeing Gnome, I decided to use KDE. Everything worked perfectly fine untill I rebooted the machine ejecting DVD, so that it can boot from hard disk.

Since reboot, my mouse keeps on moving here and there unexpectedly and keeps on poping menus. I tried to struggle, but ended up clicking various options on those poped up menus.

Can someone help please? I need openSuse11.1 more than anything else. Please help.

thanks and kind regards,

When you boot up, try the Failsafe option. See how things are using that. Report back.

I tried failsafe but it was the same; however I then connected usb external mouse - it worked.