mouse mayhem

hi i’ve just entered into the open world,and i’m loving it by seeing that learning could be a fun-filled experience.But as i’m new to this field i’ve a bit of hiccups of sorts.After installation of nvidia graphics driver for my 9600 GT card when I restarted the system; the mouse stopped responding,didn’t understand why.:open_mouth:
If anyone could help in this regard then please

Welcome to the forums :).

Firstly, can you tell us which version of openSUSE you are using (and also which desktop), and secondly can you give a bit more information, such as what type of mouse (usb/ps2/serial!)?

If it’s USB, then maybe open a terminal from the main menu and type -


You can then copy the output and paste it here, it might give someone a clue where to start ;).

I wonder whether YaST > Hardware > Mouse Model may be of help with configuration?

You could try booting up in runlevel 3 from grub menu. Press an arrow key to stop timer, then ‘3’ and hit [ENTER]. From the command prompt (after logging in), type ‘yast’ to run the console-based version of yast. Navigate with [TAB] and arrow keys.