Mouse macro HELP

I am unable to to use spam macros (left and right click) that i programmed into my mouse.
(I have a very intense stress testing standard for my programs)
it works like a simple plug N play USB mouse/keyboard combo (its really just a programmable mouse)

Some informations would be appreciated:

  • what type/make ouf mouse are you using?
  • which program do you use for setting up your macros?
  • how did you program your mouse?
  • which DE are you using for this purpose?

make & model of mouse:: “Redragon Griffin”
–wired optical mouse
–macro tricks work on all other platforms
–programmed through OEM windows executable using wine (takes like 15 min to find tho cuz they tucked it away)

Why do you believe that this works via wine as there are several threads to find in the www that this won’t work?

Even the reverse engineered driver for your mouse is not complete:

The first link recommends to use a Windows VM and USB pass-through to use the manufacturer software under linux.

my mouse works on other platforms so i’m kinda stumped
I do not have the resources to test it on other distributions

this is link to the programmer