Mouse Issues

Sorta new, but really getting the hang of things. I’ve got Opensuse 11 with KDE 4.0.4 running and compiz. I have a wireless logitech keyboard which works fine. This also comes with a mouse, but I don’t use that mouse because it is very basic. I have another wireless logitech mouse with lots of buttons and a really nice scroll wheel that sits comfortably in my hand, so I use that.

So far so good, they both function. However, the nicer mouse is giving me fits. If I use the basic mouse everything functions perfectly. The nicer mouse’s clicking is driving me crazy. Half the time I need to click on something two or three times before it actually selects it. Other times, I single click on a link or icon and it grabs it and holds it, presumably waiting for me to drop it somewhere else. I have adjusted settings in the configure desktop utility, changed the driver, changed things in compizconfig and sometimes it is perhaps a bit better, but it still does it far too often which makes it annoying.

This is not a life or death thing, I mean I have a mouse that works. Just wondering if anyone knows what kind of settings I need to change to stop this, particularly the grabbing thing (I “accidently” grab stuff all the time and move them somewhere else, which can be distressing).

Any help would be appreciated. And I will answer any questions when I can (I’m in Europe so it is about time for bed!).