Mouse Frozen After Suspend to RAM Plasma 5

Hello, I almost have my laptop fully functional with Leap now with only one problem left (that I see anyway). If I suspend to RAM, upon restoring my session my mouse is frozen. This is not a new issue for me, I have had this issue on other distros, and on KDE4 as well. I have found a few suggestion from various forums, however of those solutions one did not apply to me (upgrading to kernel 3.17 or higher), one did not work (adding atkdb.reset to my kernel command options), and I had no idea how to test the others.
My laptop is an HP Pavilion 15t-p000
I am using Leap 42.1 with Plasma 5.4.3 and kernel 4.1.15-8-default
My clickpad is a synaptics pad.
The others involved reloading what I believed were modules, hid_multictouch for example, but running

lsmod |grep multi

did not return anything. I am not entirely sure where else to go with this now.