Mouse focus problems

Hello together,

from time to time my openSuSE 11.1 will loose focus. That means, that I cannot click anything. The mouse pointer is still moveable, also the keyboard is working well. But when clicking nothing happens. Was anyone faced with this problem too?

Can someone help on this?



Yeah, I have been seeing this of late too. It seems to happen a lot with firefox. I have been working around it by logging into a text console and killing the window process with focus. One time this did not work, so I had to logout. It has happened enough today to make me look in the forums. I have seen it with firefox, rdesktop and gnome-terminal. I have seen it on 2 different computers, one I use with KDE, the other with gnome. One is a desktop, the other a notebook.

Yes, this happens with firefox, when trying to close a window it takes a lot of seconds before it responds
aother issue, that happens from time to time is that if you hit the mouse wheel it scales down all open windos.
Updates need updates. Hope someone will read this post.

more on this. Both systems with this problem are 64bit installs.
It seems to be related to how fast you click on things. I have been slowing down the way I work and it has helped. Too many clicks too quick causes the problem. rdesktop is my latest problem area.:’(

Yes, it seems to be, that I’m too fast :wink: also Firefox is everytime involved. I have a Athlon XP processor and I think it is more or less an performance issue of some kind.