mouse do not activate mouse pad working

I have Fujitsu Lifebook A3040, with Turion 86-64. Try to add a mouse. New to Linux. Web cam Logitech quichCam notebooks delux doesn’t work ether. I try to activate basic optical mouse -logitech. It works on Win. Any suggestions?
Thank you

can you give us more information.

run uname -a and output the information here.

I am trying to start my mouse a trivial Logitech optical mouse.
Before I start SUSE the optic of the mouse is light When I start SUSE mouse optics is stopped, no more light.
I had to remove the mouse in order to install SUSE.The same happen with Fedora installation.
I suspect that my laptop is somehow different with the USB ports. In Windows the mouse is USB-PS/2 optical mouse.
I try to use the standard way to activate the it but it didn’t do any thing.

Run uname -a and:
Linux linux-2tg4 2.6.27-9-default #1 SMP 2008-12-04 18:10:04 + 100 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

Sorry, could not find another thread with an almost similar problem.

Have an FufitsuSiemens Amilo Pro V2030, and apart from the odd problem,i.e. cannot connect to wireless,(expert on way to help), have over the last two days,found that when I first turn laptop on,Touchpad dos not work. Turn off, wait a minute,turn on again,and all is fine.

I am assuming problem with compatability with SUSE?

Any help appreciated.