Mouse cursor weird behavior after installing AMD proprietary driver

I’m running openSUSE 13.2 equipped with an AMD Radeon HD 6450 and 2 Monitors in Multi-display desktop configuration. After
installing the AMD proprietary driver following the instructions from here (1-click install 64 bits):
I’m experiencing an issue with the mouse cursor, as it changes into an abnormal form (a vertical line or a chopped cursor) when is transitioning from the right display to the left one. This occurs many times a day and erratically. I can bring the cursor to the normal form if I change the refresh rate to 60 HZ (Preferred) or to 60 HZ but the change is only temporary.

Any help would be appreciated.

same issue but with catalyst 15.20 it has worked good until yesterday when I installed new version of the catalyst (to try to fix crashes with firefox, god ****ed)… for now I can’t launch KDE as I uninstalled the whole stuff… I try to retrieve an old post I did explaining where you could find old drivers that works without this cursor getting screwed (as it was the case using the last version).

that’s it:

soundlord thanks for your response but it comes too late. Meanwhile I have installed a new nvidia graphics card on my system and currently running Mint KDE with nvidia proprietary drivers. I have 3 monitors connected to it and no such issues.

Best regards.