Mouse buttons stop working, relogging fixes problem


Upon logging into kde 4.4 the left mouse button (3 button usb mouse) becomes unresponsive on certain windows. For instance the toolbar may still respond to left-click while other windows on the desktop do not register it. However more and more windows/panels become unresponsive rather quickly. The same happens for right-click sometimes but far less often. Some functionality can be recovered by re-plugging the mouse.

Logging out and logging back in solves the problem until the next reboot.

I have tried different users and wiping the .kde and .kde4 folders. The problem persists. I can stil work by relogging every time I turn on my computer but it does waste a lot of time so if there are any ideas I’d apreciate it.

KDE 4.4 release 3 (There seems to be no updates in YAST available)
USB 3 button mouse
Laptop: Packard Bell EasyNote SB89
Nvidia 8600M GT using nvidia driver
OpenSuse 11.3

It seems to be a common mouse. I’d suggest you try another one, see if the problem persist.

Mouses are very simple/established things, I doubt this is something else than hardware failure.