Mouse arrow skips around on Asus U31F, openSUSE 11.4


I’ve just bought an Asus U31f and installed openSUSE 11.4 64bit on it.

There are no problems with the mouse and mousepad at first when I boot up, but after a while it starts to skip and jump around, and will hardly move vertical at all (allthough it is very eager to move sideways).

The touchpad also becomes overly sensitiv, as I can move the arrow from side to side while holding my finger 0,5 cm above the touchpad, as seen here:

Anyone have any idea what happens here? Or how I can fix it?

The weird things is that it can work fine for several hours, and the suddenly turn evil.

Could this be caused by static electricity?

I’ve found that this can go on forever. But it also seems that it will stop if I close the lid on my laptop and open it again. Very strange.