Mouse and Keyboard problems with Dell XPS


I just got a Dell XPS M1530 with 3GB ram, 320GB hard drive, 2.5GHz Intel centrino core 2 duo. It came with Windows vista home premium.

I wanted to install opensuse 11.0. Im a new user to Linux and ive decided to jump off the deep end into it.

Upon installation, when i try to get into opensuse, i find that the mouse behaves very erratically - ranges from no response to randomly opening dialogue boxes. Also, there is no response from the keyboard.

Could someone assist? I shut down my computer and booted into windows which seems to be working ok.

Many thanks in advance!

Please go into your BIOS and check your USB settings. If there is a “legacy mode” for your USB, please select that.

Sometimes, with USB keyboards, during the boot of the openSUSE installation CD/DVD, one can hold down either the <ALT> or <CTRL> or <SHIFT> key (I can’t remember which) to restore keyboard functionality.

Be certain you checked the md5sum of your burned CD/DVD with the md5sum listed on the openSUSE web site.

Thanks for the reply. the thing is im using the laptop keyboard and the touchpad for the mouse. is it the same issue? thanks!

I don’t know. Try the recommendation!!

Also, I have read with laptops that sometimes what works is plugging in an external monitor before the installation (I know, that sounds bizarre). However, I recommend you try my recommendations here first:
Mouse and Keyboard problems with Dell XPS - openSUSE Forums

I know the thread is old… but for those who venture here … this is the solution that worked for me:

Add i8042.nomux=1 to the kernel parameter in the /boot/grub/menu.lst.

For example, mine reads:
kernel /vmlinuz- root=(…) i8042.nomux=1 (…)

I don’t have any keyboard problems… except if I enter grub in the ‘non-gui’ mode at boot.