Mouse and Keyboard freeze

So I just finished installing openSUSE 11.1. I have a dual boot system (Vista and openSUSE). The bootloader shows 5 options:

By default it boots using the pae option. But if I boot using the -default option, my mouse and keyboard freeze as soon as the OS loads up. I unplug them and plug them back(they’re both USB devices) and that doesn’t work, but when I plug in a USB Stick it pops right up.

Any thoughts? Whats the difference between pae and default anyway?


pae allows to allocate more memory running 32 bit system.
With normal kernel You can have maximum 4GB memory (that includes graphic card). So if You’ve got less than 4GB there is no use of using pae kernel (also Your cpu must support this feature)

I have an idea, booting default add booting option splash=verbose and see for errors if there won’t be any restart and add to boot option init 3 and run sax2 to discover mice again, hope it helps.

Just too add to this… The pae kernel also adds nx support and has been the preferred 32bit kernel choose starting openSUSE 11.0 -as soon as your processor supports that function. If not, the default one gets selected.

Personally I’d say generally stick to the pae on 32bit where you can. It will be used by more users -meaning a bigger test and fix base.


P.s. Also check your BIOS if you can set specific USB setting like ‘legacy’ or other. That could help.

default kernel has no nx??

Not that I know of… But I could be wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

Last night I spent several hours in upgrading to 11.1 from 11.0. Alas it was not flawless, and I have too much work ahead tonight too.

I also had the problem described. My laptop is a fairly old Compaq Presario 2100us, but it seems OpenSuse chose the pae kernel for me.

Upon boot, I notice that the CAPS Lock led gets lit, and from then on, I have neither keyboard, nor a mouse (I use a PS/2 one). If I plug an USB mouse at the KDM screen, I get the mouse back, but still no keyboard. I try to shutdown, and it seems the computer gets stalled right before turning off… It’s very annoying.

However, if I quickly press the CAPS key as soon as I see it the LED turning on, it turns off, and no further mouse or keyboard issues remain.

I have no explanation for that behavior, I did a clean install, only keeping my /home partition, which is on an external HDD, connected via USB.

If anyone could offer any hints as to why I lose keyboard and mouse, please do!


Where should I try all this? As soon as I press enter at the boot menu(choosing default) both the mouse and keyboard freeze up!

I’d guess you should activate some USB options in Your BIOS? Like USB Legacy, allow USB keyboard and mouse. Look for such option in Your BIOS, second thing look on Your vendor website if there are some bugs related to Your BIOS or motherboard.