Mountung cds uppercase


My dad brought a set of cds from work with all cars electronic schemas and he needs that.
Unfortunately the moron who was writing html files on this project was thinking that all humans have retarted operating systems that doesn’t separate lower from uppercases, so the links inside htmls are in uppercase, but cd content is mounted with lowercase characters. That offcourse leads to broken links.

I’m using opensuse 11.0 and I would like to mount all media with uppercase content. Is this possible? How does 11.0 mount media, there is no fstab entry anymore.

What you probably need is the check=relaxed option in the mount which lowercases the requested filename before looking in the directory. Unfortunately I don’t know how to edit the HAL directives to add this option when it automounts, I never had to do this.

You could I suppose make an ISO image of the CD and then mount the image using loopback mount with this option. Assuming you have the image:

mount -o loop,ro,check=r cdimage.iso /mnt

or substitute any empty directory of your choice for /mnt as the mountpoint.