Mountpoint external usb-drive differs in KDE from LXDE

Hi there,

Perhaps somebody knows this one:

When I mount my external usb-drive within KDE it’s mounted on /media/disk.
When I mount my external usb-drive (yes, the same one) within LXDE it’s mounted on /media/72F580136411D534.

Not a great deal, but when I use DirSyncPro to backup some stuff I have to make adjustments to my saved settings, e.g. change the target folders.

I was just wondering why the mountpoints differ.

I know you can configure this in Systemsettings for KDE. I believe you straight away, but there is a cure for it:

label the partition(s) on the disk. Let’s say /dev/sdx6 contains the backup, then label that one as ‘Backup’. It will mount in /media/Backup, AFAIK on both KDE and LXDE

There might as well be an option for LXDE on how to mount external media.

Hope this helped you, please let us know.

Thanks! After a

ntfslabel /dev/sd*x** disk

things are funky again.

(*x used as an example, do NOT put a * here)